Sit Close Enough to Hold Hands#

Computer Animation is collaborative.

Choosing to collaborate is choosing to trust your creative partners. Beginning to trust your partners can feel awkward at first, but over time that partnership can grow into one of the most important relationships in your artistic life.

If you don’t feel it at first, don’t worry! It takes time and effort to establish a sense of trust between each other.

At first try collaborating in very simple ways. If you’ve never collaborated artistically with anyone before, try working through a set of exercises with a buddy, rather than alone. If you’ve tried collaborating in the past and found the experience to be negative (I’m sorry!!), try approaching your next collaboration with an open mind and a willingness to search for ways that make collaboration work for you. And if you’ve always liked collaborating (awesome!), find someone who finds it hard or scary and teach them what you’ve learned. Share what you can about the struggles and the joys of working together.

The first step is very simple. Find someone, anyone, who might also like to learn about Computer Animation, and learn about it together. Sit close enough to hold hands.

And if you really can't bear the thought of working together for weeks and months on end, consider Independent Work as your primary mode of artistic creation.