Attack on the Town Hall Theater

Disasterama is a miniature diorama of a gigantic Otter attacking our local Town Hall Theater. It's called Disasterama and it's a behind-the-scenes weekly video series. So if you're a lover of sculpting, or digital sculpting, or miniature sculpting, or Otters, or the Town Hall Theater, or Monsters, or very short lectures about making art, then check out the videos below!

Week 1 - The Idea!#

Week 2 - Concept Art!#

Week 3 - Blocking!#

Week 4 - Bricks!#

Week 5 - The Beast!#

Week 6 - Debris!#

Week 7 - The Secret Lab!#

Week 8 - 3D Printing!#

Week 9 - Painting and Installation!#