Welcome to our week on Modeling! There are a couple different kinds of modeling that we'll try out.

Modeling is the creation of 3D surfaces.

Organic Modeling pertains to people, plants and animals.

Hard Surface Modeling pertains to robots, houses, coffee cups, automobiles.


Look at Beginner Student Work#

Look at some of the work of beginning modelers. Notice how each of them starts from a geometric primitive like a cube or a sphere to make their original creations.

Amanda Haik#

Amanda Haik Amanda Haik

Rose Broner#

Rose Broner Rose Broner

Jamie Soroka#

Rose Broner Rose Broner

Jon Karabinos#

Jon Karabinos Jon Karabinos

Model Simple Forms#


Show me that you can model the Simple Chair in under 60 seconds.

Sculpt Organic Forms#


Use the sculpting tools and the homework/week_02_modeling/base_mesh.blend file to sculpt a cartoon face with:

Model a Full Composition#


Work with a buddy or two to design a composition where each of you model at least 3 forms using some of the basic modeling techniques.

Your composition could be comprised of many objects that relate to each other (e.g. a morning coffee scene) or your composition could be a single complex object that has many different parts (e.g. an automobile) where each of you would model the different parts.

Save your models each in their own blend file. For example, if I modeled a coffee cup, a spoon and a mountain of coffee beans I would save my models as:

Save your final composition as: