Mad River Rising#

“Mad River Rising” premiered to a packed house of students and faculty in Dana Auditorium on March 1, 2012. The director, Daniel Houghton, introduced the film and explained how the project came together. He showed the rough sketch from the first meeting, introduced the student-animators in the audience, and revealed that he taught them just two basic facts about animation. “The rest was just a swamp of personal discovery for them,” he said, as the lights dimmed and the film came up on the big screen.

The production schedule for a 13-minute animated film was ambitious; some might have even called it grueling. But there is no denying the emotional appeal of the finished product." - Robert Keren, Middlebury Magazine.

Animation Team

Daniel Houghton, Dana Yeaton, Miles Abadilla, Krista Duke, Marcella Houghton, Norah Jones, Dylan Redford, Graciela Sarabia, David Seamans, Sam Tolzmann, Dan Whateley

Original Music

Anais Mitchell, Michael Chorney