Boolean Modeling#

00:00 Prepare 2 Objects for Use with the Boolean Modifier#

Create 2 objects because you need 2 objects to perform boolean operations.

Position your objects so that one is overlapping the other.

00:25 Add the Boolean Modifier#

Modifiers tab (Little Blue Wrench) -> Add Modifiers -> Boolean

Set the Operation to Difference (i.e. subtraction).

Set the target Object to be your 2nd object.

00:41 Make the Boolean Operation more Visible#

Change the Draw Type of your 2nd object to Wire

Object Tab (Orange Cube) -> Display -> Maximum Draw Type -> Wire

Move around your 2nd object to see how it carves a hole in your 1st object.

01:09 Apply the Boolean Modifier to make the Operation Permanent#

Select the 1st object, the one with the Boolean Modifier.

Click the Apply button to make the boolean operation permanent.

Delete your 2nd object if you're done with it.

02:00 Preparing the Model for Rendering#

Bevel the edges of your boolean difference operation: