Mirror Modifier Modeling#

There is a step at the start of this video that causes some viewers a bit of confusion. So checkout this followup video for clarification on how to setup your circular array.

00:00 Imagine The Perimeter and the Center of the Circle#

To make a circular array your need your object to be at the perimeter of your imagined circle.

Important: The object center must remain at the center of your imagined circle, so go into edit mode and move the vertices of your object out to the perimeter.

And you need an Empty at the center. Any of the empty options will work.

00:34 Add the Array Modifier#

Little Blue Wrench icon -> Add Modifier -> Array

Change Relative Offset to be 0, 0, 0.

Check the Object Offset checkbox and target your empty.

Change your Count to 10 or more.

01:10 Spacing Duplicates Evenly#

Do some simple division to decide how many degrees to rotate your empty.

Divide the number of degrees in a circle by your number of duplicates.

360 % 10 = 36.

So with a count of 10 you would rotate your empty 36 degrees.