Mirror Modifier Modeling#

00:00 Setup your Object for Mirroring#

The Mirror Modifier mirrors across the object origin.

Make sure you can tell the difference between moving your object in object mode, which will move the object origin, and moving your object in edit mode, which will leave the object origin alone.

Little Blue Wrench icon -> Add Modifier -> Mirror

01:22 Dynamic Symmetry#

When your object has have a Mirror Modifier, go into edit mode and transform vertices to see your object dynamically regenerate a symmetrical version of itself.

01:42 Clipping Checkbox#

Check the Clipping checkbox to prevent any vertices from crossing the mirror plane (i.e. the line of symmetry).

And all vertices that are on the mirror plane will remain stuck to it.

This is very useful for ensuring that your symmetrical models don't accidentally tear open along the mirror plane.

02:43 Merge Checkbox and Merge Limit#

When vertices get closer to the mirror plane than the merge limit, those vertices will snap onto the mirror plane and merge with the corresponding symmetrical vertex. (i.e. the two vertices on either side merge to become one)

03:35 Mirror Object#

Choose a different object to define the mirror plane.

Rotate your mirror object to achieve radial mirroring!

04:40 Loop Cut along the Mirror Plane#

Add a loop of vertices along the mirror plane and delete half of your object and then add your mirror modifier to efficiently begin modeling a symmetrical object.

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