Grab (Location)

r to Rotate#

To Rotate an object you need to:

When you Rotate an object you are changing the values of the object's rotation. Notice how, in the GIF above, I'm changing all of the rotation values (X, Y, and Z).

x, y or z to Constrain to an Axis#

After you have tapped r to get into rotate mode (see above) and you want to constrain the rotation you need to:

Notice how, in the GIF above, after I tap x, y or z to constrain to an axis, I'm only changing one of the rotation values at a time.

Left Click to Finalize the Rotation#

When you like the new orientation of your object:

Right Click to Cancel the Rotation#

If you change your mind and want to cancel the rotation:

New Concepts#

It can be hard to know what to do with your mouse when rotating. Is it up? down? left? right? What exactly should you do?

The Arm of the Clock#

To rotate you need to move your mouse like the arm of clock around and around in circles, around the little orange dot.


download_blend_file - homework/week_01_basics/rotate.blend