Creating Meshes#

00:00 Defining Terms#

Modeling is the work of Editing a Mesh.
A Mesh is a bunch of Vertices, Edges and Faces.
Singular: Vertex
Plural: Vertices
A Vertex is a single point in 3D space.
An Edge is the line segment between two Vertices.
A Face is a flat surface enclosed by Edges.
Faces are also known as Polygons (or Polys).
A Mesh is a Model made of Polygons.
Modeling is the manipulation of Vertices, Edges and Faces to customize a mesh.

00:44 Creating Meshes#

Use the Add menu (Shift A) to add a mesh.
In Edit Mode you can only add Meshes. You can't add Objects.
Note: If you add a Mesh in Edit Mode you will add it to the same Object that was active when you entered Edit Mode. This will make your Meshes feel Stuck together when you come back to Object Mode.
If you want your Objects to move independently from each other, add them in Object Mode.