00:00 Extrude Tool#

A Normal is the Vector that sticks out perpendicular to the surface of a face.
Select a face and Left Click the Plus Sign on the Extrude Tool to extrude a new face.
Select multiple faces to Extrude a Region of faces.
Notice that if you select Multiple Faces your Normal axis will become the average of the Normals for all Selected Faces.

Right Clicking while in the middle of an Extrude operation will cancel the move, but will leave the Extruded faces piled up on top of the original.
Right Clicking while in the middle of an Extrude operation is useful if you want to do something other than move (i.e. scale or rotate) the newly Extruded geometry.

Hotkey: Tap E for for faster extrudes!

02:19 Extrude Tool Variants#

Click and Hold to see the Variants.
Extrude Along Normals: Calculates the normal axis for each face individually when you select multiple faces before Extruding.
Extrude Individually: Select Multiple Faces and Extrude as though you were extruding each Face one at a time.
Extrude to Cursor: Select a Face and then Left Click and see your Extrusion go to where you clicked. Click as many times as you like to make multiple Extrusions.

Hotkey: Control Right Click to Extrude to Cursor without needing to change tools!

03:46 Using the Loop Cut Tool to Model a Chair#

It's a bit out of order that he demos Loop Cut before the Loop Cut video, but it's not the end of the world!
Follow the Loop Cut portion as best you can.
Notice the clever use of Extrude Along Normals to extrude the chair back and legs at the same time! While clever, it's also perfectly fine, and often more sensible to just do your extrusions one at a time (first the back until it's as high as you want, then the legs until they're as long as you want).