Graph Editor#

00:00 Advanced Keyframe Manipulation#

This is where you'll do the your most advance keyframe manipulation.

Go to the Animation Workspace and press Control TAB over the Dope Sheet to turn it into the Graph Editor.

00:38 Dope Sheet vs Graph Editor#

The Graph Editor lets you edit animation curves directly.

01:41 Selecting Vertical Stacks of Keyframes#

Alt Left-Click on one keyframe in the stack to select all the keyframes in the stack.

Key->Handle Type->Vector (or press V) to change the handle type.

02:45 Navigating the Graph Editor#

Channels on the left don't correspond to a horizontal row of key frame data like they do in the Dope Sheet.

Each channel corresponds to a curve in the graph.

Left click on a channel to highlight its curve.

Channel->Hide Unselected Curves (Shift H) to hide everything but the selected curve.

Channel->Reveal Curves(Alt H) to unhide everything.

04:02 Transforming Keyframes#

Select keyframes in the graph editor and transform them with grab, rotate and scale (G, R, S) just like you would transform objects in the 3D Viewport.

04:41 Transforming Handles#

Select just the end of a handle bar and move it (G) to manipulate how the curve flows through the keyframe.

Select the center of a keyframe and rotate or scale it (R, S) to manipulate both handle bars simultaneously.

05:09 Transforming Vector Handles#

Vector handles can be edited individually on either side.

Moving a Vector handle bar will automatically convert that keyframe's handle type to Free.

05:45 Interpolation Modes#

Hide all the channels but one to study the different interpolation modes more easily.

Key->Interplation Mode->Constant will tell your curve to ignore all keyframe interpolation. Just jump from key to key.

Linear will draw a straight line of interpolation between each key.

Bezier is the default mode where you can choose exactly how to interpolate between each key.

You can ignore all of the other options in the interpolation modes menu.

06:52 Curve Modifiers#

Press N to open the panel on the right of the Graph Editor to find the Modifiers.

Select a channel, then Add Modifier (Control Shift M)->Noise.

Restrict Frame Range to limit the window of time where your modifier is allowed to affect your curve.

In and Out determine how many frames to fade in and fade out the modifier.

Influence is an animatable on/off slider that can be keyframed to make more complex behaviors than Restrict Frame Range allows.

The Wrench Icon next to the channel names lets you toggle on/off the modifiers on that channel.