Interface Overview#

00:00 Status Bar#

Status Bar at the bottom shows Actions available.
Modifier Keys (Shift, Command, Control, Alt) will change the Actions available.
Moving the Mouse over different Editors will change the Actions available.

01:00 Panels#

Resize by Clicking and Dragging Panel boundaries.
Choose which Editor you want in each Panel by Clicking the Drop Down menu in the Top Left (or Bottom Left).
Create More Panels by Right Clicking the divider and choosing Split Area. Then Left Click where you want the Split.
Delete a Panel by Right Clicking a boundary and choosing Join Area. Then Left Click over the Panel you want to delete.
Maximize a Panel with Control Space. Press Control Space again to stop maximizing.

01:45 Workspaces#

Choose a Workspace by clicking on the Tabs at the top. (Control PageUp and Control PageDown will cycle through them.)
This video covers the Layout Workspace. Other Workspaces are covered in depth in future videos.

02:30 3D Viewport Menus#

Tools Menu (t)
Bring up the Tools Menu under your Mouse Cursor with Shift Space.
Press the (n) key to bring up common settings that you'll want to adjust in the 3D viewport.

03:19 3D Cursor#

The 3D Cursor is the spawning point for new objects.
The 3D Cursor can act as a point of rotation.
Place the 3D Cursor with Shift Right Click.
Center the 3D Cursor with Shift S and then "Center to World Origin."
Position the 3D Cursor numerically by entering values into the Viewport side Menu.

03:50 Pie Menus#

There are 3 ways to interact with a Pie Menu 1. Right Click to cancel the Pie Menu.
2. Press a hotkey that brings up a Pie Menu and keep holding that hotkey until you have made your selection. (No clicking necessary.)
3. Tap and release a hotkey that brings up a Pie Menu. Then Left Click on the selection you want.

04:39 Timeline#

Zoom in and out with the Mouse Scroll Wheel.
Pan the Timeline with Middle Mouse Click and Drag.
Set the Start Frame and End Frame for your animation.
Create and Manipulate Animation Keyframes (covered in a later video.)

04:57 Properties Editor#

Vertical Tabs

10:27 Icons Change Depending on Context#

Select the Lamp Object to see that the Object Data Tab now looks like a Green Lamp.
Select the Camera Object to see that the Object Data Tab now looks like a Green Camera.