00:00 Parenting Definition#

Parenting is when you make a Parent/Child Relationship.
A Parent/Child Relationship is when the Child Inherits the Transformations of the Parent.
Moving the Parent moves the Child.
Moving the Child does not move the Parent.
1. Parenting Fingers to a Hand
2. Parenting Books to a Desk
3. Parenting Leaves to a Tree

00:58 Parenting Techniques#

Use this example file to practice Parenting.

Basic steps of Parenting:
1. Select the Child
2. Shift Select the Parent
3. Right Click to bring up the Context Menu->Parent->Object (Command P)
4. Check the Parent Relationship by selecting only the Parent and Moving, Rotating and Scaling it. The Child should Move, Rotate and Scale too.
5. Check the Child Relationship by selecting only the Child and Moving, Rotating and Scaling it. The Parent should not move.

01:29 Active vs Selected#

The Brighter Orange Outline indicates the Active Object.
The Active Object is the Object that will become the Parent.
The Darker Orange Outline indicates a Selected Object.
The Darker Orange Outlined Object will become the Child.

02:49 Single Parent, Multiple Children#

Parent Objects can have multiple Child Objects.
Child Objects can only have one Parent Object.

04:03 Chains of Parents#

Think Child, Parent, Grandparent, Great Grandparent, etc...
Every Move up this hierarchy will Move every Object below it.
The Chain can never form a loop.
A loop would make a cyclic dependency which is computationally impossible to resolve.

04:47 Parenting with Bones#

Parenting Bones is similar to Parenting Objects.
This topic is covered specifically later.

04:58 Parenting with Empties#

Use this example file to practice Parenting with Empties.

An Empty is an Object just like a Cube except an Empty doesn't have any Vertices, Edges or Faces, hence the name, Empty.
Empties are invisible at Render Time.
Empties are useful for organizing your scene.
Add->Empty->(Choose any of the options here, they are all the same)
Parenting to an Empty is the same as Parenting to an Object. (Select Child, Select Parent, Command P->Object)

05:53 Unparenting#

Select a Child Object. Then Right Click for the Context Menu->Parent->Clear Parent (alt p)
Clear and Keep Transformation: This keeps your Child from flying back to where it would have been if it were never parented at all.