Rigging Intro#

00:00 Rigging Definition#

Rigging is the act of building relationships between things in your scene such that moving one thing moves something else.
Parenting is a simple form of Rigging.
Select a child Object. Shift Select a Parent Object. Go Object->Parent (Command P) and choose Object.
This fits the definition of Rigging because now you can move the Parent Object and watch the Child Object move.

00:46 Constraints#

Constraints are relationships that you can assign between two Objects.
Adding Constraints to Objects is a form of Rigging.
Constraints can be stacked up to make more complex Relationships.

01:18 Armatures#

An Armature is a Skeleton.
Armatures are made up of Bones.
Bones define how the body moves.
Armature Demo. Don't work about the specifics of this Demo just yet.
Weights are how you Assign certain Vertices to certain Bones.
Pose Mode is where you Pose your Armature after it is built and Weight Painted.
Bone Constraints are like normal Constraints, just for Bones.
Controllers are just Bones that Control other Bones.


Many topics were covered very quickly in this introduction.
Do not feel like you need to fully understand all of them, just write down some of the new vocabulary and any questions that came up.