Shading Editor#

00:00 Navigating in the Shader Editor#

Middle Click and Drag to Track the view.
Scroll the Mouse Wheel to Zoom in and out.
Left Click and Drag a Node to Move it.
Tap G, R or S to Grab, Rotate or Scale selected Nodes.

00:43 Nodes#

All Nodes eventually converge at the Output Node.
Data flows generally Left to Right from Node to Node.

01:18 Combining Nodes#

Left Click and Drag from the Output Socket of one Node to the Input Socket of another Node to connect them.
The Color of a Socket indicates Compatible Sockets.
Select two Nodes and Tap the F key to connect the uppermost socket on either Node.
Left Click on an already connected Input Socket to Unplug it.
Control Left Click on an already connected Output Socket to Unplug it.
Mute the Effect of a Node by tapping the M key.
Muting a Node will use the uppermost Input as the Output of the Muted Node.
Deletion works similarly to the 3D viewport.
Use the Links Cut tool to sever connections between Nodes (or Control Right Click and Drag).